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Kurt Wenner Master Artist 3D Pavement Art
Timely Insights. Abundant Creativity. Innovation.

Kurt Wenner Speaking Engagements

From NASA to the front of the international art scene, Kurt Wenner has spent a lifetime working within the arts, science, and education. In 1991 he received the Kennedy Center Medallion for his outstanding contribution to arts education.

The Nature of Creativity

Millions have seen his work and heard him speak in more than 30 countries. Wenner holds the keys to understanding the creative principles our universe uses. Through his timely insights, he explains how we can all access the same endless abundance of creativity that imbues our world. He describes how our misconceptions of creativity are stifling innovation, and why it makes good sense to work with our world rather than against it. Wenner’s fascinating talk will leave you spellbound.

The world is calling out for creativity
and innovation across all sectors, yet our definition of creativity is so flawed we fail
to grasp how it works.

Our failure to know what creativity is and how it works has come about through historical shifts in defining reality. Classical Greeks sought to align their artistic, scientific, and philosophical ideas with the natural world by understanding the formal structure beneath material appearances. The Age of Reason then took us on a path of separating the physical world from the abstract notions of form and idea. And, most recently scientists have described the physical world as patterns of energy rather than substance. Given our history, it’s no wonder we are confused as to the meaning of creativity and its role in nature.

Kurt Wenner shares his insights about the nature of creativity, how it works, and it’s power to transform the world and our relationship to it. He explains how a clear understanding of the creative process is essential so we can construct a new paradigm. Because creativity is what enables ideas to become manifest in the physical world, it is a crucial component both of nature and human experience. Only through understanding the essential structure of creativity can we work with it to bring forth beneficial ideas and solutions.

Kurt Wenner is available to speak on a variety of art-related topics.

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