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Architectural Design

For many years Kurt Wenner worked alongside several prestigious architectural firms in Santa Barbara and Montecito, California. Before taking on architectural design work, he specialized in decorating large public and private spaces. Having spent years retrofitting his art into buildings, he was particularly interested in designing structures built to accommodate art (including private collections), as well as embellishments. Wenner specialized in creating structures as unified works of art.

Wenner’s knowledge of historical geometric techniques and proportional theory enables him to combine whimsical and eclectic elements with rigorous organization. Placing equal importance on the art and architecture sets his services apart from those who design a structure and then subcontract any detail work. By designing and prototyping the decorative elements such as columns, capitals, moldings, and facings, the structure attains a uniquely cohesive expression.

After consulting about the scope of the work, each project starts with a series of drawings that usually includes the floor plans and one elevation. If changes are needed, they are made at this stage. Once the floor plan is approved, all of the elevations are then created. This service is billed at a flat rate with a daily rate for any needed changes. The client is free to use any of the ideas presented, even if they choose not to retain Wenner’s services past this stage.

If the project moves forward, Wenner then provides a full set of measured drawings. These drawings are sent to the client’s architect for review. Wenner’s measured drawings enable a local architect to estimate the construction costs, which is particularly helpful.

While the architect and contractor start building, Wenner works on prototyping the decorative details. It’s essential to have the finish work ready and waiting so as not to delay completion. A great benefit to Wenner’s design work is how quickly it enables the construction to get started.

For large-scale projects such as private residences, resorts, and churches, several new materials, and techniques including digital printing, laser pantography, and silicone molds can be used to reduce the costs of producing beautifully detailed environments. In addition to creating the measured drawings, Wenner can provide original art such as oil paintings and murals, inlaid wood panels, and a variety of other specialties. He’s also available to oversee the production of decorative elements along with their installation.

Architectural Decorations

Kurt Wenner employs a wide variety of materials and techniques, both traditional and contemporary, for interior architectural decoration. Large-scale murals and decorative paintings can be executed in traditional media such as oil on canvas or produced as high quality, durable digital prints. Digital artwork is particularly useful in areas that need a washable surface. They are also as colorfast as traditional paint and can be replaced in case of damage.

Painting sculpture design classical art by Kurt Wenner
This illusionistic mural in oil paint gives a feeling of added height to an environment. Digital art is now an option for some surfaces.
Painting sculpture design by Kurt Wenner
In this Pompeii style bath, Wenner created cracked cast plaster walls for an aged look and made the crown molding using local seashells.
Painting sculpture design by Kurt Wenner
Silicone molds create high-resolution, decorative cast plaster.

All of Wenner’s architectural designs and decorative work begin with compositional drawings to ensure the project is as the client desires.

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