+++ Kurt Wenner - Master Artist and Architect +++
Wenner’s 3-dimensional painting style has many popular applications for advertising —publicity events, print ads, animated videos, and point of purchase displays. His distinctive ability to weave a product, logo, or campaign theme into a unique artistic environment makes for fantastic compositions when placed on the surface of the floor or pavement. Wenner’s art grabs the viewer’s attention and spotlights the product in a completely unique way. When a multi-day interactive event is desired, Wenner will create the work on site as a street painting demonstration. Images created at public events can then be reproduced as durable vinyl floor graphic stickers for use at additional installations. If desired, the design for these floor stickers can also be executed completely in Wenner’s studio and provided to the presenter as a high resolution, digital file. Wenner’s versatile style has enabled his work to be an integral part of print advertising and collateral campaigns throughout the world.