3D Museum Commissions

Kurt Wenner creates 3D Museums and Illusion Rooms for private events and large permanent installations. Familiarity with his work drives an exceptional amount of press coverage along with social media networking from those interacting with the images. Wenner doesn’t just bring art to the public, he makes them a part of it.

Each 3D museum commission usually starts with an email that includes preliminary information such as the size, scope, and location of the project. Wenner’s artwork can be made to fit just about any space. If you have a floor plan to send as well, that is always helpful. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll schedule a call with Kurt.

Kurt Wenner continues to create all his artwork by hand, and then digitally transfers it to lightweight, yet highly durable canvas. Thanks to today’s technology, his images are easily produced around the globe, so museums and illusions rooms are up and running quickly.

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