Wenner is unique in proposing private residences as works of art. He designs and executes the general plans along with all the decorative details in order to create livable spaces with the symmetry and proportion typical of classical structures. Each project is designed in accordance with the desired scope and scale of the client. Wenner starts with a sketch of the floor plan and elevation. After having reviewed the work, the client is free to continue the project, cancel it.

Once a project is approved, Wenner creates the final geometrical and proportional relationships of the villa, as well as designs for the original decorative elements to be sculpted and cast. If interior art is desired, designs are also created for these spaces. At this stage, clients are free to pursue the work with Wenner, or license the designs and hire their own an architect or designer to continue the work. Alternatively, Wenner will provide the necessary construction documents in collaboration with a local architect of the client's choice.