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Kurt Wenner Portrait

Cutting-Edge & Practical Insights on Creativity From a Leading Global-to-Local Thinker

Having been at the front of the international art scene for the past 35 years, Kurt Wenner’s work has been seen by millions of people in more than 30 countries. By communicating cutting-edge ideas globally through innovative artwork and speaking engagements, he’s gained great insight to cultural perceptions. Kurt will explain how cultural misconceptions impact our understanding of creativity and therefore stifle innovation

Kurt’s comprehensive understanding enables him to offer a clear and concise talk on the very nature of creativity, as well as illustrate how to apply it to the specific problems of innovation. In 2012, IBM’s study of global business leaders concluded that the world economy, and possibly the very fate of nations, now rests on understanding creativity and innovation. Kurt’s presentation is completely original and vital to both international and local business environments.

Kurt’s resumé shows the depth of experience he brings to a meeting. He won’t simply tell you what isn’t working, but rather give you a new paradigm that will alter the way you think about your company or institution and its relationships. Understanding the principles and process behind creativity and innovation will allow you to manifest inventive solutions in your personal life and at work.

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The Nature of Creativity- 3 Lectures Folded Spiral 600

Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt WennerReawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner

Classical DrawingPediment 600

Architectural Proportioning and Decorationvilla eva blog

Perspective and IllusionPerspective Room 600

The History and Technique of Pavement Art  Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner