Demonstrations and Workshops

Sedona Workshops

May 13 to May 19, 2016

I will be teaching two workshops at the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona this spring.  For more information and to register directly, follow this link:

Perspective and Illusion

May 13–15, 2016 & May 2–4, 2016

Dies Irae

Illusion is the magic of art, while perspective is the organization of form and space from one unique point of view. In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to combine these powerful techniques to create stunning results. Artists have manipulate perspective by using techniques that range from simple and effective, to complex and extraordinary. Artist Kurt Wenner will demonstrate the essentials of geometry and perspective, as well as cover a variety of hands-on exercises. This skill set will add to the visual strength of any kind of representational work in any medium, with any subject matter!

Open to all levels of artists and educators.- Register Here!


Classical Drawing

April 17–21 2016

St. George

St. George


The great drawings of the Renaissance have an astounding beauty and ability to communicate however, in our time this mastery can seem unachievable. In this workshop, you will learn that in the Renaissance the structure of drawing was a specific visual language that is still available for us to use. You will learn that you can design drawings using this elegant and controlled language of form, proportion, light and space.

By working from drawings and plaster casts, a set of specially designed exercises will guide you through basic to more advanced drawings. You will learn that the fundamental language of classical drawing is available to you and that this understanding will strengthen and inform all your work in any medium or with any subject matter.

Open to all levels of artists and educators. Register Here!


Materials, Grounds and the Ideal Palette

April 23–25, 2015

Pokerdog 1 small fileMaster painters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods created wonderful effects of color and light with a limited selection of pigments. Contemporary artists have access to a range of pigments and color that would astound an artist of the past, but the results are often inferior. In this 3-day workshop you will learn the physical nature of pigment, paint and color use, and how to construct an ideal palette that maximizes your artistic potential. Artist Kurt Wenner will demonstrate how paints and grounds can be made by hand to achieve effects that are often superior to commercially available materials, and are more economical. You will learn the importance of traditional pigments and how to balance them with contemporary synthetic colors in order to maximize the beauty and depth of your palette.

Open to all levels of artists and educators. Register Here!


Old Master/ New Master Oil Painting

April 27–May 1, 2015

Fall of Icarus email

Old master painters achieved astonishing depth and subtlety of color using a limited selection of pigments and layering translucent colors in a process known as glazing. In this 5-day workshop Artist Kurt Wenner will show how old master painting techniques actually simplify the painting process by limiting the number of decisions artists must make. You will learn to organize three painting palettes that are essential to the glazing process.  The first palette is for under-painting, which determines light and shade, as well as form and space. The second palette consists of traditional pigments available to artists in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The final palette will combine traditional pigments with 20th century pigments for a translucent overlay of color over the first two layers.

Open to all levels of artists, from beginner to advanced, along with educators. Register Here!


Future Workshops

Below is a partial list of topics that have been given to various groups of professional artists, teachers and amateurs. Topics are modified to fit the abilities and wishes of the participants. If a particular topic is not on the list, please inquire. Some topics are available in both lecture and workshop formats.


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Divine perspective 600

Geometry and Design

Pompei Drawing 600

Perspective and Illusion

Adam in Timelapse


5.02 Handmade Pastels

Pastels and Pavement Art


Painting and Color Theory