Gears of War

This was the first of several works I designed for the E3 gaming exposition in Los Angeles. The composition is similar in structure to my Dies Irae, which may have inspired the developers. Gears of War is a video game … Read More »

Adam in Timelapse

I created a time-lapse demonstration to show the process of creating a tonal drawing. Below is a link to the youtube video: The final drawing is also available as a limited edition print. Click here for more information.   … Read More »


The nativity theme is a favorite christmas subject for pavement artists. I did two of them during my first years in Rome. The first was a copy from Tiepolo and the second from Honthorst.           When … Read More »

Christ in a White Robe

Within the first two years that I was drawing on the streets of Rome, the appearance of a small group of energetic young pavement artists began to create a stir among the Romans. Two young Italians sold the idea of … Read More »

Herald Square

I did this work in Herald Square right in front of the famous Macy’s department store to celebrate the anniversary of the plaza. It rained for three days of the four day event, but luckily the weather cleared up on … Read More »

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