Byzantine Christ

This is a byzantine style rendering of the figure of Christ inspired by the Christ Deesis mosaic in the great Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul. I have been fortunate enough to visit the church on several occasions- it is truly … Read More »

Gateway to the Caribbean

I did this work for Celebrity Cruises at the New York Stock Exchange. I do not always use the products or services that I promote at events, but in this case I can speak from some experience. When we were … Read More »

Triumph of Social Networking

I created this image for an app called Pinger to be shown at a telecommunications convention in Barcellona, Spain. The image features a typical Art Nouveau style fountain of my own design. The fountain is surrounded by a variety of … Read More »

The Big Lunch

I did this work in London, England for a cool British event called The Big Lunch. The aim of The Big Lunch is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with … Read More »

Digeez at Home

I was hired to create this composition for Cox Cable. It was a heavily interactive work that needed to withstand a LOT of people walking, sitting and lying on it. For this reason, the original pastel art was reproduced as … Read More »

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