Triumph of Puck

This work was also done in Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch, (as the title so clearly shows). This time I was working in a large covered gallery with very high end shops as well as a grand staircase used for weddings. … Read More »

The Magic Flute

I have always enjoyed lyric opera, especially works composed in the baroque and classical periods. I don’t know why this is, I was never really introduced to the genre, but spontaneously began following the stories by reading the libretti. This … Read More »

Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night is a character from Mozart’s Opera, The Magic Flute. She first appears appears and tells the prince Tamino that her daughter Pamina will be his wife if he can rescue her from Sarastro (Recitative and aria: “O zittre nicht, … Read More »


Papageno is a character from Mozart’s Opera, The Magic Flute. He enters the scene arrayed entirely in the plumage of birds. He describes his happy life as a bird-catcher and his longing for a wife, or, at least, a girlfriend (aria: “Der Vogelfänger … Read More »

National Geographic Video

While still very young I was the featured artist in National Geographic’s documentary, Masterpieces In Chalk. The film won many awards and helped to resurrect and spread pavement art across the globe. While working on the street painting for the … Read More »

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