The Fortune Teller

I created this composition in pastel as a companion to “The Card Players”. Here the young man is spellbound while an old fortune teller reveals secrets to him, unaware that the younger woman is lifting an expensive pendant from around his neck. … Read More »

Magic Carpet

Some years ago I was asked to design a work for an Israeli telecommunications commercial that was to be shot in Santiago, Chile. After the work was complete, one of the executives insisted on a “more modern looking” city scene, … Read More »


This is a pastel drawing I made for my book Asphalt Renaissance to show traditional devotional imagery. It uses the classical renaissance technique of chiaroscuro, which is the subtle passage of light into darkness. I did pastel was done on … Read More »

Icon of Christ

The last Supper was an all-time successful piece in Europe. It was always a bit of an interpretation, as Da Vinci’s original is in such a bad state that the figures are not very clear. A couple of years ago … Read More »

Circe's Banquet

Some years ago I did two works for an unusual theme park in Japan called Huis Ten Bosch. Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park near Nagasaki that recreates the Netherlands by displaying real size copies of old Dutch buildings. … Read More »

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