Nike Blue Ribbon Carnival

I was invited to the Nike corporate headquarters to do a work for their employees. The Nike company seems an enviable place to work. It is a pristine complex in Portland with a very campus-like environment. During the summer they … Read More »

The Last Judgment

This event was an incredible experience that changed the history of pavement art. In 1991, after an absence of several years, I returned to Grazie’s piazza for this momentous occasion. It was announced that Pope John Paul II would visit … Read More »

Madonna della Grazie

The sanctuary of the Madonna della Grazie in the province of Mantua is the spiritual home of the pavement artists, (called madonnari in Italian). The gilded icon of the Madonna delle Grazie embracing the Christ Child is still considered by the faithful … Read More »

Die Strassenmaler (The Pavement Artists)

Die Strassenmaler is a Swiss-German (German language) documentary done a couple of years after the National Geographic. It shows some of the development of pavement art in those years. I created the work below, entitled “Reflections” was done for the … Read More »

The Card Players

For many years I have created sumptuous architecture and decorations for elegant homes. Most of the works are behind locked doors and not available for public viewing. It is partly for this reason that I am generally better known for … Read More »

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