The Nature of Creativity

Folded Spiral 600Introduction The world is calling out for more creativity in education, business and society. With so much depending on this fundamental aspect of human intelligence, it’s imperative to understand that our current definition of creativity is so flawed that we … Read More »

Perspective and Illusion

One of the great myths of our time is that humans “see like a camera”. Photography is widely believed to be a major force in the demise of academic figurative traditions in the visual arts and in the birth of … Read More »

Architectural Proportioning and Decoration

villa eva blogEuropean art has left a mountain of astounding masterpieces in painting, sculpture, and architecture, but today it is often a mystery as to how these feats of human expression were accomplished. Classical architecture in the ancient world was based on precise … Read More »

The History and Technique of Pavement Art

  Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt WennerPavement art has a rich, colorful and varied history that is often “simplified to the point of being wrong” by writers who have little personal experience with the various traditions or the protagonists. Wenner will describe the cultural roots and … Read More »

Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner

Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner The European classical tradition in art has been lost in our century, but does it need to stay buried?  Artist Kurt Wenner has spent a lifetime pursing artistic ideas that have been thought … Read More »

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