On Time

Q: What is time? A: This was not a question posed directly to me. It is a question posed by the 2013 “Flame Challenge,” an international kid-judged science contest sponsored by Stony Brook University on Long Island, N.Y., and actor Alan … Read More »

Q&A: What Is Not Creativity?

Many people who speak or write on the subject of creativity refer to standard definitions of the term that are found in many different dictionaries and encyclopedia. The Wikipedia, for instance, states: Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates … Read More »

Geometry and Design

Divine perspective 600Three different workshops are offered in geometry and design. Workshops can also be customized and combined to fit the needs of a particular group. 1. The Geometry of Creation Creativity is the manifestation of an idea in the physical world … Read More »

Q&A: An Unusual Experience

Question: What kind of unusual experience have you had while doing pavement art? Answer: There have been many unusual experiences, especially in the early years when the art form was not as well known. Some of the stories can be … Read More »

The Flower Girl

In my first years as a pavement artist in Rome, I came to know many of the street people, such as the old crone selling roses. She was a common sight and looked to be about 110 years old, with … Read More »

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