Office Stress

Office Stress Canvas 600This was the first of three images I created on the theme of contemporary “hells”. It collects all of the nightmares of a horrible office environment where the poor workers are attacked by the technology, surveilled and abused by some … Read More »

The Assist

I did this work for 2K sport at the E3 Expo, (the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products), in Los Angeles. I had already done a work for the XBox game  Gears of War a … Read More »


Seneca 600PPII drew this portrait from an extremely impressive bronze bust in the Naples Archeological Museum. At the time it was simply labeled Seneca, but I later learned that the attribution was disputed. The online presentation of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples describes … Read More »

Acis and Galatea

I have always loved Händel operas and one of my favorite is Acis and Galatea. I did this drawing as a traditional classical composition, but used the gigantic character of Polyphemus to stretch the perspective. It is one of my most … Read More »

St. George

This was one of my first fully original classical compositions. I attempted to create it as a work of pavement art on the streets of Rome in 1983, but was never able to get a finished shot due to incessant … Read More »

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