Catching the Wave with Discovery 3D

 This work was created for the first 24-7 3D channel. Below is a description of the event by Eventrex, the great company that did the event management. When the Discovery Channel was introducing its new 3D channel 3net, they asked … Read More »


PROFILE I am an American artist most known for the invention of interactive 3D pavement art illusions. My work also includes large-scale oil paintings, ceramic murals, sculptures, decorations, 3D installations, and architectural designs for public and private clients in more … Read More »

Dies Irae

This is possibly my most well-known image. It has been published countless times. Here the image is inserted into the graphic surround I designed as the poster for the second Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival. I later produced a set … Read More »

The Ghetto

This was the third of three images I created on the theme of contemporary “hells”. This work is shown in front of a completely burnt out building of a huge nursery that was near the Garda lake in Northern Italy. … Read More »


This was the second of three images I created on the theme of contemporary “hells”. Gluttony does not just refer to overeating but also to the idea of consumerism. This image is shown in the Palazzo Te in Mantua. It … Read More »

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