Entablature Design

This drawing is an architectural detail of a very elaborate residence called the Villa Tramontana. For the interiors and exteriors of this project I created hundreds of individual designs which were then composited into larger images. I created the unique … Read More »


One of the nicest experiences I have had was during the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration. I was invited to create a work for this large open-air family celebration. My involvement also included working with different schools in the Washington D.C.- … Read More »

Madonna and Child

Madonna and ChildI created this work for a kind of project one never hears about. In Italy there are many, many paintings from different centuries in need of restoration. There are also many “falsi”, (meaning counterfeit paintings). What I never knew before … Read More »

Arabian Battle

IFI did this drawing for a series of murals that were to be executed in fired ceramic tile. They were to be placed at the entrance of an elegant stable that housed award winning Arabian horses. The client changed residences, … Read More »

Villa Te

Villa TeThe Villa Te was designed for clients who lived where there were strict restrictions regarding height, bulk and scale of a project. The villa was designed to remain relatively inconspicuous to the surrounding residents, yet take advantage of the panoramic … Read More »

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