The figure of Moses was the first subject I ever painted on the street. My first try was at the Rome train station. I was not able to complete it, so I did another version on the Via del Corso, … Read More »

Innovation Week in Istanbul

I created this image of gulls flying over the Bosphorous for Turkey innovation week in Istanbul. On the last day I gave a talk at the symposium on, “Painting and Innovation.” Two of the other speakers were Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the … Read More »

The Grand Canyon Trail

This work was one of my most successful projects, both in terms of the media response and the experience. It was done at the National Geographic visitor’s center at the Grand Canyon. It was sponsored by Nature Valley Trails, which … Read More »

Nature Valley

I did this piece at the American food fair in Chicago. This is a trade show for the “food industry” that is not really open to the general public. The work was bordered with real plants and rocks that provided … Read More »

Breeders' Cup Image

I finally found the time to upload this image from the November 2&3 Breeders’s Cup races at the Santa Anita Racetrack in Los Angeles. The press release read as follows:   The Breeders’ Cup, joined by Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa, … Read More »

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