A Pavement Art History

Recently an artist expressed to me the desire to go to Italy and learn about pavement art history, “directly from the source”. I realized at that moment that I am one of the last madonnari to have personally met many of the artists of this last century, most who are no longer with us. As “one of them” I was also able to speak with many of them and learn their stories. For this reason I think it would be difficult to redo this history.

This history is excerpted from my book, “Asphalt Renaissance”. Although I would prefer it if people actually bought the book, I would like the history to be readily available to anybody who is making a presentation on the art form. The history is divided here into five articles:

1. Origins of Pavement Art1

2. Grounded in Tradition- part 1- Introduction19

3. Grounded in Tradition- part 2- Icons7

4. Grounded in Tradition- part 3- Travel18

5. Grounded in Tradition- part 4- Rebirth32