Hyundai Veloster in Capetown, South Africa

This image used a full vertical panel and a cut-out to give the illusion of a the full-size vehicle racing over a wet surface. It was the first time I used that particular illusion, and it worked very well. I was working at the V&A Waterfront, (Victoria and Alfred, not Albert). This is a world class, truly spectacular destination. Capetown is also justly famous and I had several days to visit the botanical gardens, do some wine tasting, do some more wine tasting…


Below is a description from the New Age Online:

The inventor of 3D pavement art will be amazing the people of the Cape when he creates a stunning piece at the Barrow Court at the V&A Waterfront on April 1. With an international following, American artist and founding father of 3D pavement art Kurt Wenner will arrive in Cape Town to create stunning artwork at the V&A Waterfront as part of the Hyundai Veloster launch campaign this month. The public will be given the opportunity to view this world master three-dimensional illusionist artist in action. Wenner has been responsible for creating massive hype in real time as well as on the virtual platform as his art works have assisted in driving millions of potential customers to web sites and encouraging viral tidal waves on the internet. He was invited to participate in the launch of the Hyundai’s Veloster to the South African market.- Diana Kekana

And below is a television show segment featuring the event:

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