Gears of War

This was the first of several works I designed for the E3 gaming exposition in Los Angeles. The composition is similar in structure to my Dies Irae, which may have inspired the developers.

kurt ok 10

Gears of War is a video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game focuses on the troops of Delta Squad as they wield a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save the remaining human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from a relentless and seemingly unstoppable subterranean enemy known as the Locust Horde. Gears of War sold over three million copies in just ten weeks. It was the fastest-selling video game of 2006 as well as the second-most played game over Xbox Live during 2007. The game sold over five million copies by September 2008. Who knows how many have been sold by now?

This image has been consistently popular on the Internet as well.

Here is the time-lapse video:

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