Catching the Wave with Discovery 3D

 This work was created for the first 24-7 3D channel. Below is a description of the event by Eventrex, the great company that did the event management.

When the Discovery Channel was introducing its new 3D channel 3net, they asked Eventrex to create a unique way to raise awareness of 3net and its catalog of programming. Eventrex recruited innovative perspective artist Kurt Wenner and installed a trompe l’oeil illustration in the lunch room of the exhibit hall. Extensive signage branded the installation of the life size two-dimensional illustration which creates the illusion of three-dimensions when viewed or photographed from the correct angle. Digital photographs were taken of visitors and were made available at our social media portals where you could either print the picture there, post it to your favorite site or email it to yourself or others.


Eventrex President Brad Shaw on the 3net installation.


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