Dies Irae

Dies Irae Canvas 600This is possibly my most well-known image. It has been published countless times. Here the image is inserted into the graphic surround I designed as the poster for the second Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival. I later produced a set of posters with the original 13th century poem of the Dies Irae. The poem is fairly long, but I have attached a translation here: Dies Irae Text.

Dies Irae translates as The Day of Wrath, and describes the last judgment, when the dead crawl out from the Earth to be judged. it is part of the Catholic Requiem mass and has been set to music by Mozart, Verdi and other great composers.

Below is a setting by Camille Saint-Saëns:

There is a story about the creation of the work that can be read here.

The poster was produced in a fairly large number. I am offering an archival print of it on canvas in a signed but unnumbered edition. Click here for more information.

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