Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner

Reawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt WennerReawakening the Renaissance- An Evening with Kurt Wenner

The European classical tradition in art has been lost in our century, but does it need to stay buried?  Artist Kurt Wenner has spent a lifetime pursing artistic ideas that have been thought lost or are no longer considered a valid means of expression for the contemporary artist.  In doing so, he has created an immensely popular art movement, 3D Pavement Art, and has traveled the world creating images in a wide variety of media for an incredibly diverse set of clients.  In this presentation, Kurt Wenner will recount his journey and explain the historical and conceptual basis of his artistic motivation.

A slideshow and lecture recounts the experience of travelling to Europe and transforming the folk art of the Italian madonnari into a lively, contemporary and international sensation.

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