Pastels and Pavement Art

Two different workshops are offered in pastels and pavement art. Workshops can also be customized and combined to fit the needs of a particular group.

1. Pavement Art and Technique

Pavement Art Demo 600Pavement art is a unique visual art form that allows the artist to share the process of creating a work directly in front of the public. This workshop will provide demonstrations of traditional and contemporary techniques, focusing on the fluid and elegant development of a work from the drawing stage through the color rendition. Participants will learn about the drawing materials and techniques of pavement art, as well as about the preparation of surfaces and the unusual performance aspects involved in creating a work in front of the public. The workshop will also discuss the related concepts of interactivity and social networking.

2. The Complete Pastel

5.02 Handmade PastelsPastel is an extremely flexible medium that lends itself to an amazing variety of artistic expressions and styles, ranging from delicate finely blended portraits to large, bold and expressive drawings. Pastels are easy to store and carry and are one of the easiest and most economical mediums to make in the studio. By learning to make pastels and prepare drawing surfaces, the creative possibilities become endless. Participants in this workshop will learn to make a balanced palette of pastels and prepare drawing surfaces along with different techniques for developing pastel drawing and painting.

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