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3d pavement art

a 3d experience like no other

As the inventor of 3D pavement art, Kurt Wenner’s interactive creations are a global phenomenon. Kurt is a true pioneer in visual perception and illusion. He uses classicism and geometry to design his artwork, and the results are astounding street paintings that are unrivaled. His amazing 3D street paintings have been exhibited in over 30 countries.

Painting, sculpture & design

Wenner was inspired as a young artist by the quality, skill, and grace of master drawings. Unable to find an art school teaching mastery, he moved to Europe and learned by working directly from the masterpieces of Western civilization. With time and patience, he achieved his goal of understanding the classical language of form.

















architectural design

By combining his background as an artist with geometry and proportion theory, Wenner creates whimsical and eclectic designs within the highly technical craft of architecture.

Sacred & Religious art

Wenner continues to embrace the tradition of the old masters who were commissioned to create sacred images. With honor and reverence for faith practice, he creates contemplative art for a variety of communities across religions.










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