Bacademy Video Awards

Japan’s Bacademy Awards.

Japanese Video AwardsJapan’s BacademyFuji Television celebrated the 7th anniversary of its immensely popular show “Bacademy” with a 2-hour special that was seen by more than 12 million viewers. The special edition included a feature of my artwork at Jack Gallery in Las Vegas, (now the AFA gallery).

Japanese television shows are very different than what we are used to. The story behind this show was that the producer flew to Las Vegas to commission a work from me. When I finally agree to do the work he learns that it takes two weeks. At first he is disappointed, but soon learns to make the best of it by enjoying all the tourist sights. Finally the work is revealed including three portraits of the presenters. A copy of the work is brought into the studio where the hosts pose on their portraits.


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