A Millionaire’s Life

I did this work for the magnificent Changi airport in Singapore. It was my second trip to Singapore, which was great because I really love visiting it. The country is sometimes called the Disneyland of Asia because of its cleanliness and sense of order. Nonetheless it has plenty of Asian character along with a fabulous botanical garden and zoo. The temperature never changes more than a few degrees, (it is always hot), so everything can grow all year.

A Millionaire's Life

On my first trip I did a work for the National museum, which portrayed the story of Iskandar, the first king of Singapore. For the work done at Changi a photo booth was set up. People could pose on the work and automatically get their photo taken. They would then receive a card from the machine with a link that allowed them to get their photo off the airport’s website. Other countries often have more advanced technology available than what we have in the U.S. This is especially true in telecommunications, but often true in transportation and infrastructure as well.


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