Triumph of Social Networking

I created this image for an app called Pinger to be shown at a telecommunications convention in Barcellona, Spain. The image features a typical Art Nouveau style fountain of my own design. The fountain is surrounded by a variety of allegorical figures that appear to have left their normal graceful poses and are instead busy texting and talking.

Triumph of Social Media

In case you don’t know what a Pinger is, it is a a proprietary, cross-platform texting and calling application for smartphones. In addition to SMS, users can call a number to leave an audio recording, similar to WeChat. Users can communicate with others who do not use Pinger via texting and calling. Calls are free within US and Canada, while texting is free in 35 countries. New accounts receive a new phone number and 10 free minutes.

Now you know what a Pinger is!


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