Gluttony Epson Canvas 600This was the second of three images I created on the theme of contemporary “hells”. Gluttony does not just refer to overeating but also to the idea of consumerism. This image is shown in the Palazzo Te in Mantua. It is one of my very favorite late Renaissance, (mannerist), buildings in all of Italy. I filmed a part of the National Geographic documentary, Masterpieces in Chalk in this palazzo before it was restored. One of the scenes was in the Room of the Giants. This room is painted floor and ceiling with a continuous scene of the “battle between the gods and the giants” from classical mythology. The room is only some meters from the loggia where Gluttony is shown in this image. Near Mantua a huge shopping center had recently been built with the name “Il Gigante”. So in the image there is a pun between the “giant” shopping center, the room of the giants and the gigantic proportions of the figures in the pavement art. The image is available as a limited edition print in my website store. Click here for more information.

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